Robert A. Regal, Ph.D.  

    Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) form the orienting framework for the clinical work I do with adults.  Both represent the “state of the art” with regards to the practice of clinical psychology.  I have, since I began my career in private practice, maintained a commitment to providing the highest quality of care.  The clinical approaches to the problems that I treat are all derived from empirically established research.  My goal is to provide new ways of understanding problems and new ways of responding to them.  I always tell my patients that therapy with me is a “roll up your sleeves” process. It’s active, interactive and often challenging.  Most of the work that I do is short-term ( 2 – 8 sessions), but the results achieved are meant to last a lifetime.

Anxiety: (Panic, Agoraphobia, OCD, Social Anxiety, PTSD, Public Speaking Anxiety,  
               Worry, Specific Fears (e.g., fear of flying)
                        Lack of Self-Esteem/Confidence
                            Sleep Problems
                                       Coping with divorce
                                           Relationship Issues
                                               Grief, Mourning, Coping with loss

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