Robert A. Regal, Ph.D.     

     Helping couples re-discover the value of their shared experience takes time, patience and the commitment of all who are involved.  As with all of the work that I do, relationship counseling is a “roll up your sleeves” process.  It requires the honest effort of both parties.  Communication is almost always at a dismal level when couples agree to seek professional support.  It represents a primary focus of the work that I do in couples counseling.  Discovering the joy that is possible in a relationship is another focus of therapy.  Modern relationships carry multiple burdens of time and effort. In the mix of modern-day obligations, such as children, work, school, mortgages, bills, family health issues, even pets, frequently the relationship becomes an orphan.  Over time, the vitality that once was so apparent fades to non-existence.  Therapy focuses on helping couples develop effective problem-solving skills, but it also has to help couples re-discover fun, laughter, and a joie de vie of their shared lives.  
     The magic of couples counseling is the capacity to reveal the possibilities of a relationship that was considered long gone.  The magicians in this process are all of those who approach it with a sincere willingness to try.   Love emerges not because it has to, but because couples are willing to give it a chance.  It is always a source of great satisfaction when I can help couples discover this once again.

   There are times when couples’ counseling has a different goal.  When couples have decided that they can no longer maintain their relationship, separation issues have to be considered.  All too often, this process degenerates into warfare.  This is especially tragic when children are involved.  Under these circumstances, my role as pediatric specialist enables me to advise parents on the least damaging way to bring children through this process. Separation and divorce can and should be a process that sets the healthy stage for a new beginning for both parents and their children.

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