Robert A. Regal, Ph.D.     
Pediatrics / Adolescence      

          Pediatric problems range from infancy to those of pre-adolescence.  Therapy needs to
     appropriately reflect the developmental capacities of the child.  Much of my work with 
     young children, for example, is done primarily, and at times exclusively through their
     parents.  Teaching parents to better understand their child and providing them with the
     tools to effect positive change enables the child to overcome his/her problem and enhances the              parent / child bond. 

          As the child grows, the need for some degree of individual work may be appropriate. 
     My goal, however, is to incorporate parents into their child’s care whenever it is clinically
     possible.  Helping parents understand, helps them become therapeutic agents at home.

     Parenting problems,  Oppositional / Defiant Behavior,  Sleep problems,  ADHD, 
     Anxiety problems (OCD, Nighttime fears, School Refusal, Separation Fears), Toilet 
     training, Fecal withholding, Coping with illness, Restrictive eating,   
     Trichotillomania (hair pulling),  Adjusting to divorce


      As the bridge between childhood and young adulthood, adolescence can present problems that reflect this transition on individual, social, and educational levels.  Adolescents are often painfully self-conscious and very reluctant to admit a need to address psychological / behavioral issues.  Working with adolescents requires that a balance is struck between acknowledging that they are no longer children and not yet responsible adults.  Although it can be more difficult, I still try to engage parents in the therapeutic process as much as possible.

Parenting problems, Oppositional / Defiant behavior,  Anxiety problems
(Panic, OCD, Social Anxiety, Specific Fears), School Problems (Performance, Behavior), Depression, Social Problems, Adjusting to divorce, Coping with illness, Coping with loss

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